Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Doing the Simple stuff

Sometimes I think I am the Tortoise, the progress I make in the sewing room.  Or slow as molasses, that would do it., good Ms saying.  I have two swaps I need blocks for.  One is the current Apple Crisper's swap of black and white and the second is one for Happy Scrappers.  We have choices and the one I want to do is called the Honeybee block.
First block I did
My thinking was that I could use 2 fat quarters and the white I needed with my Go Cutter to get this done in short order.  That was fine until I got to the 
wings. We got a template and as you can see We need twelve of these wings.  each wing has soft fuse that has to be donut holed before applying to material. Takes a lot of soft fuse and a lot of fabric, plus a lot of time.  Now this isn't due until June, thank goodness.
4 out of 20 after working for two days
 I have a number of pieces that aren't fat quarters that I can use, but I'll be doing lots of cutting, then preparing wings to complete blocks.

My next simple quilt will be the Blue Ridge quilt which uses simple blocks of half square triangles and 4 patches.  I have to do 448 total of half square triangles to make the quilt, but I could use more and enlarge.  I'm working on two patches now.  I need 448 of those too.  I'm really anxious to put together some blocks.  My usual MO I'm not patient at all.  I want to see my quilt start growing instead of working on parts only.

Trimming more half square triangles

These turned out real close to true

Over two hundred done so far

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