Saturday, April 26, 2014

Done and Done

Got that box of cut pieces sewn up and the final count is:  81 Mary's blocks and 121 half square triangles.  I'm planning to store the Mary's triangles, but use the half squares and a drawer of other half squares to start making blocks.

Mary's Triangles

Half Square triangles finishing 2 in

A block from Lynn Roddy Brown's book to use these half square triangle
Also continuing to work on the Honeybee blocks.  Almost finished with 10 of 20.  The wings take the most time.  I am finding that fat quarters will yield 3 blocks with a bit left over. 

Honeybee blocks with a few wings missing

Last of all,  made it to knitting group yesterday, and found out the best way to finish off the headband.  So finished with a knitting project.  Doesn't sound like much, but a UFO is finished.

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Anonymous said...

Love your new featherweight Linda, I know you're excited to find one. Now I know why we haven't seen you lately :).