Saturday, January 3, 2015

English paper piecing

     In North Carolina with overcast skies and two big labs working on my hexagons. Adults are still asleep, kids are playing upstairs and I have the lounge chair. Perfect for stitching for a while.  I'm working on my second row and blue "sashing". By the way, my box worked really good on the airplane. Love making progress on my handwork.
     Joan and I will be doing a UFO challenge for the next two years. The grandkids gave us numbers between 1 and 48. Joan said she had that many, but wanted to space it over 2 years. I thought that was a good idea. The numbers this month are 2, 32.  For me that will be the black and white blocks from Apple crispers, and Summer joy, a block of the month I haven't started.  I'm going to take that off and work on one I have started. I just changed it to Autumn joy since it's about. Half done. I just switched numbers. My choice, my challenge.
  Since I'm not at home I can only plan what I'll be doing. I do have some lovely teal for sashing for the black and white blocks.   I will be working on my current projects along the way. 

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