Friday, January 16, 2015

January UFO Challenge Numbers 2 and 32

January is the beginning month of the challenge and I drew out the numbers while in NC to see Edward and family.  
#2 is the Apple Crisper's exchange for 2014.  
The Back and white disappearing four patch from the site Missouri Star quilt Co. I do love her U tube videos and simple projects.  I want to add this beautiful teal as sashing.  Sandy in our group had put 4 blocks together to make an alternate design and I want to try that out.

Our challenge is to work on the UFO and finish as much as we can or at least make some progress on the project.  Since I have my new cutter up and running now, I want to get strips cut and start working on it.

#32 is Autumn Joy designed by Sue Garmin.  I had made a good deal of progress on it and then got stopped.  Have no idea why now.  I do want to get this much closer to completion.  The top section is ready.  Parts of the other two sections are done.  I worked on setting up the block with the house.  Some of that I could do on the machine.  I can finish it up with hand appliqué.  I'm determined to put a pieced border on this, unlike the Christmas Joy with a plain border.  I also want to make it a little larger.  This picture really doesn't do this justice, the colors are ver pretty. 

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