Monday, March 30, 2015

What's on the wall

I split my posts up today since it would be such a long post.  This is all I've managed to do since my accident.  
Asterisk block exchange

Update on Hexie quilt
Actually I worked a lot on Birds in Air block exchange but did not get a picture.  Will try later.

The Asterisk block exchange blocks are only the ones I made at the Dry Creek retreat. I had made a few before I went.  Should get a picture of them together. I so enjoyed that, but did suffer a lot of pain and did a lot of resting.  I sure felt good getting around so many friends and talking quilting and other things.

I put up the Hexie quilt so far to encourage myself to keep going.  When I put the parts up I was a little surprised to see such progress.  The second row is not attached yet and I'm not satisfied with the arrangement yet.  I have to finish out the last flower if it's the one I will use.  I'm still wondering how I will finish out the top and bottom and wheater to add some rounds as border.  Still much to think about.

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