Sunday, April 5, 2015

Small tasks adding up

Yep, I have been doing small bits at a time and it is adding up to something.
Another set of Hampton Ridge blocks   These are very time consuming, but  worth all the effort of cutting correctly, sewing and pressing correctly and ripping when needed. Since these finish 9 inches they make really nice blocks.  This is only month 4 of a 12 month program  Lots more blocks to go.  

After making these blocks for Edward's quilt, I did some pulling of more fabrics.  I realize I needed black for more contrast and more red as accent.  I have some really neat gray fabrics with lots of interesting patterns, but they read solids in a distance.  So value got very important.  I pulled a lot, straightened the shelf these fabrics were on and cut mor strips.  Instead of cutting triangles with My go, I elected to use my Easy Angle ruler instead.  Now to get some more blocks put together and triangles too, to start getting this quilt together.  

A few blocks made from 6 in scraps in the stash to add to my Birds in the Air Swap.
These are the blocks I had done at the retreat and before this post.  The amount of blocks needed for the exchange was changed to 60 blocks, or 10 sets of 6, and we'll be doing them for a few years.  Since that has changed I'm just making sets of 6, even if they are all different.  I'm  going to keep the ones I want for my own quilt.  Just getting a picture helps me see how pretty this quilt can be.  I have close to half of the blocks now.  I need to work on my Asterick swap too.

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