Sunday, April 19, 2015

Edward's quilt top is done

Well all done with Edward's quilt top.  I tried putting the blocks together using a method called webbing I found on Bonnie Hunter's website. It did work.  A little hard to handle by the end with all the rows held together by strings, but slow and sure won the race.  Had to take a lot of breaks, still a little soreness from the wreck occasionally. Even took a short nap today.  Needed that though.

Now what to do, the one thing on the agenda is the UFO for this month.I still need to make some blocks too for 3 swaps. Got two quilted quilts back that need binding and 2 more backs to make.  I would love to quilt a small quilt I've been looking at for a while.

As I look a t this picture I think I need to check the picture.  Seems is should have a another row of triangles at the beginning.  Going to check my pattern now.

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