Friday, April 10, 2015

Getting small things done

As you can see I made a new picture for the blog.  It took weeks to find how and where I made the old one.  I decided I wanted a header of things I had finished up or made great progress on this year not last.  I am trying to work myself out of this funk from being injured and not quite well yet.  I went to the depression, bored out of my skull stage and remembered how I got out of that before.  I would do some small task and make one change.  I started with my closet and cleaned off an shelf and put my knits from this year there, so they have a home.

Then in the sewing room, I've tried so hard to have some enthusiasm but keep falling short.  So yesterday I worked on Edward's quilt noting some progress.  Then the thing that really gave me a boost was starting on the pile of fabric that's been on my cutting table for a month or more.  Than felt good.

Today I was reading the Stash buster group blog and there's a new slogan, "JOT", which means just one thing.  Perfect for what helped me yesterday and will today.  I can feel my energy coming back already.

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