Friday, November 25, 2016

I Will Make No Excuses

That's correct, no excuses for starting another Mystery with Bonnie Hunter.  Why not? Because I love to do them.  I may not finish them all, but hey , that's ok
The biggest news we have in the family is our new Beautiful granddaughter Adeline.  Her quilt top is done and I plan to get it to quilter the next week and be ready for when she comes for Christmas.  All the way from North Carolina!
Adeline Kaye Weaver
Ill show her quilt when it's done.  Currently I'm still wrapping fabric in the sewing room and cleaning out drawers.  What a job!  Most days Buddy, the dog or John the Husband interrupt and I get off task.

One serious thing I've found is that I have started way too many leader and ender projects.  Way too many!  I'm try to prioritize them, but realize I still want to do them all. So I'm thinking medallion style quilt to include them all.  Could happen...

Till next time

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