Friday, December 30, 2016

Pinwheel kit tackled

Since the sewing room is overwhelming at this point and I want very much to go in there every day, I decided to sit down and start somewhere.  Just Do It!  A quilt is made one block at a time and making progress is all that is really important  

The first thing I encountered was a box of blocks for a kit.  Each of the little zip lock bags held a main block and an alternate block.  
Pin wheel blocks and alternates

Looks simple right, seemed simple.  The block parts could be cut with my new essential tool from Bonnie Hunter, which cuts half square triangles and also quarter square triangle.  All the units are these pieces plus squares.
However, the problem arose when I realized on cutting the two blocks that the directions were lacking.  Some parts were left off and so as time drew near to go get a haircut, I really needed it, I figured out I would need to go by pictures and write out all directions before cutting.  Then the Plan is to sew both blocks at a time.  There are 12 block bags with two blocks in each.  I believe I ll have less problems if I cut all sets before beginning to sew.  So much for today.

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