Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A.D.D. quilting

Log cabin blocks, have made over 150 by now. I do have enough to begin putting together Emily's quilt soon.

Blue and gold/tan Scrappy, I decided it wasn't big enough and started a pieced border which is made with flying geese. I saw this once on a Fons and Porter TV session and I'm sure it really looked like this, but oh well. I like it so far.

I promised to make 2 quilts about twin size that should look like an old quilt pattern. I plan to do 9 patches, cut in 2 " strips, since I have my Go Accuquilt. I also have been working on clearing up scraps and thought of these 9 patches from an old swap and playing in my room. Anyway, I'm not sure I want to use them since the corners are light.

I've often think I am an Attention Deficit Disorder person with some things, but it's for sure I am an A.D.D quilter. I am always working on several projects at a time. I pride myself with sewing leaders- enders and basically get quilts made while working on others. BUT I'VE TAKEN THIS TOO FAR!! The other day I realized while I was working on these 3 quilts at a time. Planning several more and finishing none. Lets just assume this is creativity at work. But honestly, I need to focus on one and finish the top.

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