Sunday, February 13, 2011

One the Wall

Happy scrappers new projects for the year started this month. I decided to participate in the row by row again this year. I wanted to use some blocks from my stash that have been calling for me to work with them. So I chose these churn dash block in autumn colors. I put a frame on them to make the length 60 1/2 ". Now 5 other people will put more rows on it. I got my first row to work on too. I'll have to do some thinking on what to do before I get started on it.

Today I felt tired and wanted to do some housework as well as cook a meal for John and I. I folded a lot of fat quarters and straightened out some of the areas in the sewing room. I still have much more to do, but steady wins the race.
What I did get done sewing wise was to sew bindings on two quilts readying them for me to sew down.
My true favorite part of quilting is all the parts before the quilting. The rest takes some encouragement from myself, but it does feel good to have it done.
One other project I'm going to participate in is the UFO Challenge. We finally had a consensus on setting our own goals month by month and putting up $5 if we don't reach our goals. I want to get back to my Sylvia Bridal Sampler. So, I said I'd do 2 blocks. Hope I can get more than that done.

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