Monday, June 9, 2014

Lots of Sewing Room activities

It's not one thing, it's a lots of things.  I've spent a good amount of time trying to clear the ironing board, sort and put up fabrics from the various containers in the room and just clean.  As of now with the new shelves I brought back from Lewisville, I've gotten a lot of this done.  The ironing board looks great and I can iron a quilt top again.  I got the cutting table cleaned of all fabrics, either found homes or cut these up with my Go cutter.  While all this was going on I was making 4 patches for the blue quilt.Took quilt a few days.  Got a pile done too.
Makings of 4 patches

Can't resist saving bits from trimming a quilt.  Lot of times I have to use seam ripper to take quilting out.  Worth it to me!

I consider this hand work too!

 My twenty Honeybee swap blocks finished.

Progress on Blue Blocks of the month

My Blue Ridge Mountain quilt in progress.

Apple Crisper's monthly installment which served as leader ender during putting quadrant of Blue Ridge together/

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