Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Back in the Sewing Room

I spent the last few days, off and turning the sewing room from a bed room of the grand kids to a real sewing room again.  Quite a lot of stuff was moved to make room for the pallets the two oldest slept in.   Today I cut some of the scraps I had thrown on the ironing board focusing on the strips I'm now cutting for the class I had yesterday.

Folded fans by Dorinda Evans of Jackson MS

closer view
This was a great class and she gave a fabulous lecture the night before at our Contraband Guild meeting.
     This quilt is made with dark, medium and light strips you sew together.  I thought I was covered with strips for this class.  I went to the 1.5, 2, and 2.5 strips  Turns out I don't have a good collection of dark, dark strips.  Basically I have a stash of mostly mediums and lights.  I do want to make this quilt though because it will be a good stash buster, and I like the effect the fabrics make.  I haven't done a quilt like this before.
Cassie and her quilt

Adian and his quilt

Alex's quilt

Andrew's quilt

Progress on the Blue ridge
Where I am now with the Blue ridge quilt before I had to move the room around.  And lastly eye candy and inspiration from Dorinda Evans.  Some more of her wonderful quilts.

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