Monday, September 8, 2014

"Old Blue" top is done

Blur Ridge Mountain or "Old Blue"

This has been a big project after all.  Lots of sewing and I have been working on this a while.  Naturally, it's not been the only thing I did during the months I worked on it, but I stayed pretty steady.  I had trouble deciding on the border.

One choice

the selected one

There were many neutrals I tried, finally realized I needed more color so it wouldn't bleach out, then I had to look at the two outside choices until I was satisfied.  I do have a big back for the backing and will see about getting this quilted soon.

One of the next projects

Our Happy Scrappers groups had a swap of signature blocks. The challenge has been to think up a way to make a quilt.  I knew I wanted stars and settled on the Sister's choice block.  I have all the blocks set up with neutrals and this brown for the points.  I want to put it together with sashing too, but haven't selected that yet.

Possible setting

Putting the rows together

An update on the quilt from Kathy brown's class.  This started with a jelly roll.  Have cut and sewn the blocks and now in the process of putting rows together.  This has been going on between other things.  I do have two borders to add to this.

I've been working on the X blocks and will take a picture later.  My current Leader and Ender is a log cabin with centers of red at 2.5 blocks.  I plan on 100 blocks and will be working on this for a while  

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