Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ft. Morgan Retreat

First beach retreat in Fort Morgan, Ala. There were 8 of us.  We rented a great beach house and set up in the great room.  I took some pictures and thought I'd share a few.
We ate at Rips in
Mandeville, La where we had stopped to eat lunch and visit a quilt shop Bright Hopes.  Food was absolutely wonderful and we liked liked the quilt shop.  

A view of the water
Once there we all set up to sew and I took random shots of our set ups and the ladies I was with.
Liz and Mono
Vonda and Patty

Brenda who arranged our trip
Denise and Patty

 The view from my set up was gorgeous.  I would 
spend time just looking out the window.  It was wonderful.

A & E fabric store in Pensacola, Fl.
When you first drive up to this fabric store I doesn't look like much but has tons of fabric.  It a Pharmacy/fabric store.  Some combination!

My one walk on the beach.  The sand was whitened pretty but so hard to walk through.  It  was neat to go down there though
Here we are at Lambert's in Foley, Ala.

Outside as we're going into Lamberts the home of the thrown rolls

Another day outside my set up

Waiting for the ferry to cross the bay to come home.
As we traveled home we drove to New Orleans and visited the Quilted Owl.  Really loved that store.  They had Jo Morton, and lots of other 1800's.  They also had wool.
Then we stopped in Baton Rouge at the Red Stick and it was neat tool  Totally different line of fabrics.  Found some grey.

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