Thursday, January 5, 2017

Daily sewing

Yesterday I was at the point of cutting blocks for Basket quilt and Hourglass blocks.  Since I still had 2.5 inch strips to cut blocks from, all I needed was more white fabric cut to size.  I also had leftover large triangles for the bottom of the baskets.  I took a moment to get over mixing my whites and proceeded on.  I got 8 block sets cut out.  I used my new large clips to hold the block pieces together and I love those.

Then I decided I had had enough of this small purple box and dumped the rest of the box on the ironing table.  I had lots of 1.5 inch strips which will go into the log cabin pizza box where I keep my logs cut to size.  I'm about to get full enough for a quilt again.  I also started cutting some more Spool blocks and realized I was getting side tracked.  I stopped and just ironed and sorted from then on.

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