Thursday, January 5, 2017

Daily sewing

I am not a marathon quilter, nor do I make a lot of time for quilting in my day as I've come to see.  I am making progress on my stash as well as the blocks I chose to work on.  So no mater if it's 15 min. and that's all I get, then I'll be happy.  Today it was several hours.  Buddy. the dog and John the husband are getting use to me disappearing every afternoon and are giving me time.  It helps that John is finally getting better.  His broken ankle has taken it's  sweet time to heal with the two wounds that developed after surgery.

So, another day in the room and cutting on scraps and sewing has me making  some progress.  I want to take better pictures and will work on that.
First I started another row of the Puss in the Corner quilt and got two rows done today.

Puss in the corner progress

I sewed up the Hourglass blocks I had cut yesterday and trimmed them up today.

I worked on clearing some more strips and cut another Leader ender I had made a few blocks for.

Carolina Roads. Bonnie Hunter, Addicted to scrapes articles from Quilt maker.

What I like about these blocks are the positive/ negative and they are a good use of 2 inch strips.  This should make a great throw and reduce my stash by a tad.

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