Thursday, January 21, 2010

"What if"

Well, today I wanted to sew. I had left a quilt on my design wall and haven't been in there since before the quilt retreat last week.
I started with a charm pack and the square in a square block. On the stash buster ring I learned of another type of block and found one more charm pack. After making the blocks I tried to figure out a setting. Finally thought I would do a row quilt, but wasn't too happy about it. After the retreat I walked in there and thought "What if" I put one more round of triangles on the second block. Sure enough it finished to the same size as the first set of blocks. I do have a stripe for an inner border and a Paisley for the outer border. Will be showing you the finished quilt once I get it done. It's true is you leave a quilt on your wall and give it some time, you can get other ideas.

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