Thursday, March 11, 2010

Latest Sylvia's blocks

Oh boy, I made some progress yeaterday.  Yesterday was our weekly gathering at LQS to work on the Sylvia's Bridal Sample blocks.  The week before I was paper piecing challenged and didn't finish a block, hence no entry.  This week I did much better, finished three blocks.  So proud!  The bow tie block we did with templates, one paper piece and the Jacob's ladder I pieced on my own.  Now, I have been quilting for years, and am capable of doing these on my own, trouble is I won't push myself to do so.  I think what I like most about this gathering ,besides the people, is the challenge of working in a way that is not my usual comfort zone.  Especially when it comes to paper piecing.  I now intend to start on some on my own too, since the plan at the shop isn't to do all the blocks.  I did find a web source for the blocks and subscribed to that.  On it it lists mistakes in the book which are corrected and how to fix.  Look forward to hearing from that.  Look forward to working some more.

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