Thursday, March 11, 2010

Row by Row

I decided my friend isn't following my blog and I want to post my work on the Scrapper's projects, so I will start posting pictures on the row by row.  This has turned out to be a real challenge to do.  First off the beginning row had to be about 64 in.  Then we are to add about 12 in. either spilt into two rows, one on top and one on bottom, or 1 row if it fits the quilt.  The challenge comes in deciding on what to put that will work on the quilt. 

My first quilt is my friend's and I figured out the top row.  I looked through a bunch of my books and found this pattern for this cute house block.  I used scrapes from the Redneck Box (log cabin box of batiks).  Yesterday as I was around a lot of quilters, I got opinions on what to do on the bottom.  I was thinking browns and neutrals 3.5 by 2 in.  One friend recommended using greens and I realized that would be perfect.  So now I have that inspiration, I can get started and be finished on time.

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