Thursday, March 18, 2010

So Bad

I'm so bad, haven't been posting for a week now.  I haven't been too busy.  I worked on a knitted scarf I started in Dallas for Leigh, my daughter when I was up there and bored with no hand work.  It's her thread and I've been playing with a pattern.  Finally decided to just do it!

I had my granddaughter here from Dallas and we spent an evening picking out fabric for her quilt.  The plan is for her to come and spend a week this summer to make a quilt together.  I want to start teaching her to sew.  She seems pretty excited about it.  She wants a pink and black quilt, pink being her favorite color.  We pulled pinks and blacks from all my stash.  After showing her how to lay out the fabrics and look for ones that didn't work and pulling those, Ashleigh developed a good eye for choosing her fabrics.  After three times of doing this, we got a good selection for her quilt.  Next will be pattern selection.  I was thinking of blocks possibly 4.5 in. and just sew pink then black for a simple checkerboard look.  She needs to learn to use the sewing machine before we get too complicated.   She was leaning toward a more complicated pattern, but baby steps first.  I am looking forward to this summer.

The other thing I've been working on is a quilt I started in 2002.  I got caught up in "me too" fever when Cindy came into the LQS wanting to do a quilt from American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  I joined with several others in buying the fabrics picked out by the Shop ladies.  It happened to be a Kim Dielh pattern and has a patchwork center with very involved applique borders all around the quilt.  I started this with hand applique so it has taken a long time to do.  Particularly since I haven't just devoted my time to this project.  Long story short, I'm on the very last border.  Once I finish the leaves, I'll sew the last border on and complete a flower in each corner to be finished with the top. 

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