Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finally back in my sewing room

Yea, kinda hard to get back into the sewing room after the week of working hard to finish deadlines. I had my Fab 4 list to focus on and get started on obligations left to do. First I cut and made a log cabin block for the SB bee exchange. This is for Dec. and it is late , but not by much. I pulled the fabrics to do Jan. which I'll owe next month. I chose blue and white with snowflakes.
Then I worked on the Apple Crisper's red and white exchange. I missed our gathering last month and need to finish these blocks. I cut more material and started another set for Jan. meeting.
While working on all this I found I had only two braids left on the Scrappy Braid quilt so I completed one and will finish the other up soon I hope.

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