Saturday, December 31, 2011

winding the year down

It's Dec. 31 and I wanted to look at what I accomplished this year, look at what's on the wall now, and post some pictures of the family.  First the family photos.
The Ogg family and the Weaver family

The kids in their Christmas PJ's from Meme
We had a wonderful Christmas at my daughter's home in Texas. 
I sit and watch the kids play and play and think about what fun they all have .
The adults too, they all have their hand held pads, or phones, me included, playing all kinds of games and surfing the net and watching the kids, referring some and enjoying each others company.

On to what's on the wall, what I left before going to Texas.  I had finished putting all the rows together   I started putting the border together.  I need to pull fabrics and cut more stripes to do this, plus construct the outside border.  This will be carried over until next year as a UFO.

I looked at the list of 12 projects I wanted to finished this year and seven did not get finished. However, I worked on all but one.  So next year it might be easier to get them finished.  I plan to review the list and make a different posting of plans for next year.  Will post about that later.

In our bee Happy Scrappers, a challenge was made to count all the UFOs in our sewing rooms.  I do need to do that, but I want to also divide the list into blocks sets and kits, as well as quillts I started myself.  More later on that too.

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