Saturday, December 3, 2011

My year long projects complete

This is the front and back of the Slightly Bias project I made for Sharie. The front is made of churn dash blocks and I decided to piece the back in a churn dash since Sharie is know for her pieced backs. It's a small quilt, however, she seemed to like it very much. It had to be completed, quilted bound. I quilted it myself and although I can do that, I don't have a lot of practice with that. It turned out good though, only a few boo boos.

For Happy Scrappers today, this row by row was due. Helen got this one and I put the top row and the bottom row on it. It was hard to show, hence the two pictures. Everyone one loved this quilt and Helen seemed very pleased with what was done. It sure feels good to end these projects. The row by row certainly helped me grow in my sewing and designing. I'm not skilled in design, but try to think what will add to the quilt top and do that. It can be tough sometimes.

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