Saturday, December 10, 2011

On the Wall

Oh yes, this feels great, I got finished with another set of blocks from our red and white exchange with Apple Crisper's.  I think this is the last swap of this block.  I will only have enough blocks for a twin and if they don't want to do more swaps I'll be making some more.  Next we'll be working on the next block which is a lot easier.

And ... in addition I got the block for Slightly Bias completed for Jan. 
Now... I have two quilts almost completed, so that's my goal now.  I do have one obligation block to do for the Beaumont Guild.  This will be an machine application. Not my strong suit, but there you are, needs to be done.  Hopefully soon I'll be showing finished tops from my UFO list for this year.  The quilting will have to wait for next year, but that's OK.  I will still be able to call this a finish.

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