Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quilt Show inspiration

Yesterday I went to the Golden Triangle Quilt Guild Show in Beaumont, TX. I did get inspired, so many pretty quilts by everyone. One quilt in particular by Carol as you see is very creative.  I participated in the same block exchange as Carol and have the same blocks.  I however, haven't been creative at all.  I have simply been putting mine together by the pattern.  Mine is the one below.

Now my thought is why can't I think outside the box and come up with such great ideas.  But putting the two pictures together, I do like what mine looks like and will continue to work on it.  I will do an update later since there is a lot more machine applique to do.  Actually, machine applique is outside my box.  I'm more of a needle turn applique fan.  Anyway, the bottom line, I'll just be a fan of the Carols of the world and enjoy their creativity, while I do the comfy, traditional quilts I love so much.

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